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Valuto is faster than

many current coins

Valuto does not utilize the ICO solution

Valuto is right now 100% free to transfer and store!


Max 1,667

Transactions per second


Max 240


Max 265


Max 56

Bitcoin Cash

Max 34


Max 28


Max 15


Max 7

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All-in-one Marketplace, Storage & Wallet

Transfer - Store - Shop

Using peer-to-peer technology

Free Access to from all webwallets!

Shop worldwide for free!

- Create your own webshop for free!

- Sell new and used items worldwide

- Get 5% cashback from every purchase!

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The team behind

Peder Munk

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Dealhunter. Has over 15 years experience in doing online business.

Maria Munk

Master’s degree in economics from Denmark. Financial and leadership experience since 2002.

Kristian Iversen

Master's degree in economics and auditing. He loves working on largescale e-commerce solutions.

Søren Jeppesen

Bachelor in digital concept development. Has years of experience, working with online marketing.

Sandro Borg

Gaming industry professional with a background in compliance and information systems audit. BSc...

Darren Wu

Expertise in worldwide e-commerce.

China representative & procurement manager. BA in International Business.

Sanna Thunström

Bachelor in business economics. Crypto interested with a flair of multi-language online marketing.

Jonas Tournier

French Representative. Specialized in Wealth Management & Luxury area. Business Angel, Blockchain enthusiast.

Rene Jakobsen

Experienced Accountant. Accounting and tax adviser. 

Kari Pisani

Maltese Consultant with development of bankable solutions within Wealth Management, Investment Services and the Payments and Settlements industry.

Masters Degree in Finance and Financial Law.

Dr Jean-Paul Ebejer

Read a doctorate degree at the University of Oxford, and has a fiery passion for numbers and programming. Spends his time researching blockchain technologies and is an active member of the Blockchain Research Group.

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