Masternode Signup

Become a Masternode owner and PoS miner

The cost of the server will be 90 EUR for 6 months.

You will receive the bonus for the Masternode mining,  on a VLU address chosen by you.

You will NOT be able to mine Valuto in any other what than this.

Sign here if you're interested

For multiple reasons, Valuto will be running on PoS / masternodes. 

This reason means multiple advantages, for instance:

 - Significant environmental impact

 - More accessible for all types of people regarding wealth, technology, geographic etc.

- More fair dividend for people, when mining new VLU

For maintaining the new system in both functionality and security - Valuto needs Master node users. Since the masternode will run on external servers, you don't need to set up anything.

To keep it simple, you only need to pay for the node to be running.

We will send you information, when we're ready to set up Masternodes.

We will not make any profit of this process, and we will keep the costs as low as possible